Our Electives

- From 6th to 8th  —

Middle School

Digital citizenship

Digital storytelling

Hospitality in travel and tourism

Introduction to programming with Scratch

Personal fitness


More than 55 electives

Technology advances, we cannot continue educating at the same level from 50 years ago. This is why we are the academy with the most professional elective classes in Puerto Rico.

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- From 9th to 12th  —

High School

Foreign languages

  1. Spanish 1 
  2. Spanish 2
  3. French 1 
  4. French 2

Fine arts

  1. Art History and Criticism 1 Honors
  2. Theater
  3. Music Appreciation: The Pleasure of Listening 
  4. Theater, film and film production 


  1. Criminal justice operations
  2. Law and Order: Introduction to Legal Studies
  3. Forensic Science 1

Physical education

  1. "Salud"
  2. Health Opportunities through Physical Education (HOPE)
  3. Personal Fitness 

Humanities and Social Sciences

  1. Psychology I
  2. Sociology
    Stress management
  3. Social Problems I: A world in crisis 
  4. Social Problems II: Crisis, Conflicts and Challenges 
  5. Philosophy: The Big Picture


  1. Introduction to business
  2. Marketing fundamentals
  3. Entrepreneurship: Starting your business


  1. Anatomy and Physiology
  2. Zoology
  3. Veterinary Sciences: Caring for animals 


  1. IT applications
  2. Informatic introduction
  3. Introduction to C ++ programming
  4. Web design with Dreamweaver
  5. Scratch games 

Health, wellness and parenting

  1. Orientation to Nursing 
  2. Health Sciences: The Whole Individual 

Virtual Reality

  1. Biotechnology
  2. Carpentry
  3. Criminal justice
  4. culinary arts
  5. Drones
  6. Robotics fundamentals
  7. Medical assistant
  8. Nursing assistant
  9. Promobiotics
  10. The Art of Taekwon-Do - Obtaining the Yellow Belt
  11. Welding
  12. Science VR
  13. VR Math
  14. VR Social Studies

General Electives

  1. Fashion and interior design
  2. Introduction to creative writing
  3. Writing for publication 
  4. Introduction to Social Media: Our Connected World
  5. Oratory 
  6. Peer counseling
  7. culinary arts 
  8. Digital photography 1
  9. Gothic Literature: Monster Stories 
  10. Anthropology I: Discovering Human Mysteries 
  11. Sports and Entertainment Marketing 
  12. Cosmetology: Cutting Edge Styles 
  13. Astronomy: Exploring the Universe
  14. World Religions Exploring Diversity

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